My first test of the E-M1X

4. March 2019 3 min read

My first test of the E-M1X

4. March 2019 3 min read


The “camera-feeling” is of course a bit strange at first, if you come from the 1.2, simply because you do not know the camera yet.

The feeling is immediately very good. The grip design is really good and you really like the camera. Nestles down in the hand.

Compared to the 1.2 also better because you can feel no minimal movement of the battery grip (I had sometimes felt a little bit movement even if the battery grip was firmly screwed).

The arrangement of the keys is really good and the individual keys are clearly separated and incorrect operation is almost not possible. I like this much better than with the 1.2


Of course, the “muscle memory” is not yet so trained and you have to start thinking sometimes that you can now control ISO via the button! Did I mention that I like the ISO button!

Today I only had the 300mm at the lake. For the 1X is really the perfect partner in terms of balance and handling.


To the buffer: it’s noticeably bigger – I shot most of the afternoon with a 10fps mechanical shutter. It really takes much time until the buffer is full.

The electronic shutter with 18fps was today too fast a card filler (only one UHS II card with me). In know you can adjust this also to a lower level of fps.


Camera settings usually today

  • C-AF
  • 9er group – partly 25 times tried.
  • Central field priority active
  • C-AF middle start active
  • Sensitivity to +2 (finally set to +1)

Did I forgot something?


First briefly to C-AF + Tr -> works quite well with a consistent background. However, as the persecuted bird flew past buildings the focus was gone more often.

In my opinion it is therefore only possible to use it in blue sky.


To the C-AF:

I already had a good feeling when taking pictures in the afternoon today and have to say: yes, it is really good now!

When approaching birds, towards me or even cross (left/right) etc., the C-AF pursued really well, if one holds the bird reasonably in the viewfinder.

The conditions were not optimal today because only cloudy skies and therefore only less colors. Also less details than in the sunshine.


I would spontaneously say (without counting) that in the vast majority of series today the focus has been spot on in 70% -90% of cases!

Absolutely usable images in my opinion, which can then be developed to get the full potential of the image with post-processing.


Thus, clearly improved and a great C-AF!


Other points that I noticed:

If battery 1 is empty, it flashes red for some time in the screen – but then sometime (if it is really empty) switched to battery 2 and its charge status then displayed. In the meantime, battery 1 sometimes came to my mind today that it still has electricity, so it jumped back and forth.

The joystick is really great even though I rarely needed it today. He could sit 2-3mm further towards the right edge of the case for me, but that’s because I look through the viewfinder with the left eye and therefore I have the whole face behind the camera (that’s the exception)


I always had the feeling of holding a heavy camera in my hands but I was surprised to find that it was quite “light” for the size.



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