Sneak-preview: first Hands-on with the new E-M1X

15. February 2019 2 min read

Sneak-preview: first Hands-on with the new E-M1X

15. February 2019 2 min read

Good Morning all,

I was at the Sneak Preview in Stuttgart yesterday.
You could handle the camera in detail and mount various lenses.

The presentation was interesting and for me there were a few more information. Also interesting was the water box, in which water was constantly running over a 1X.

To the camera itself:

Size / Handling:
Pretty similar to E-M1 Mark II with battery grip, but still noticeable. For me a much better handling!
The keys are further apart and therefore better separated. Better for me.
New ISO button, I think great.

I tend to have average to rather small men’s hands and felt that the key arrangement also in terms of much better that no accidental pressing a button more happens.
That’s happened to me recently at the family party with the 1.2 but often times, because in the 1.2, the keys are closer together or too close to the edge of the case.

The joystick is great. Easy to use and clear pressure point centered to center for me. Moving the AF-field is very good and fast with it.
Closures for battery compartment and SD card slot are of course different than before, but you can see the better seal even.

What bothered me though: if I press the joystick and the grid lights up to move I would have expected that I can also change the AF field size with the front wheel. To changethe AF Field size you have to press the Joystick (says the manual)

other option: For this I only had to press the button (I assigned it quickly on the exposure compensation) and call the AF field selection and then could switch with the wheel. Should urgently be corrected in my opinion.

MyMenu is great. Adding is really easy.

The change between landscape and portrait mode is very good, but the handles are slightly different. Really not a big difference, but I noticed.
Furthermore, the buttons (ISO + Exposure Compensation) in portrait orientation are also a little bit deeper in the case than in landscape mode.

The seeker:
the magnification is great! I like it much better in a direct comparison with the 1.2 I had with me.

The camera is better for me and has a very good feel. The integrated battery grip I see as an advantage for my purposes.
You can feel that in many places there were (small) improvements.


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